Woodpecker “Thirst for Song” Detail — Hand Sculpted Glass, Molly Stone

hand blown glass birds

Who isn’t awed by a bird?

”The Birds are my favorite pieces to make… Most intriguing are the jays, flickers and woodpeckers. Such feisty birds — so much personality. Their bold and distinctive forms and personalities are challenging to translate into glass They are the most demanding of skill and attention to detail — every nuance of my movement changes the expression of the bird. The cock of the head, the angle of the beak, the tip of the wing — it all happens in the last few moments of sculpting the glass, after hours of meticulous work — it is exhilarating to have complete involvement in making and knowing The Bird — nothing else exists during that time.

I look to the subject of the bird as a means to express ideas of Divine watchfulness, earthly interpretations of Divine wisdom, and reflections of ultimate Natural beauty. I have always watched and loved birds. I delight in their presence. I aspire to connect my artistic work with my joy and respect for the beauty and the wisdom carried by a bird.”

These glass art sculptures are approximately life size and are definitely one of a kind.

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