Forest mottled glass pumpkins

hand blown glass pumpkins — forest mottled

The Forest Mottled Collection of hand blown glass pumpkins are inspired by sunlight flickering through forest leaves. Earthy colors blend together creating exotic and complex patterns within the glass. Myriad colors and textures are designed to compliment one another — create your own pumpkin patch and family tradition by adding a new pumpkin each year. Classically elegant, these timeless heirlooms shimmer with lustrous golden stems.

The glass art of Cohn-Stone Studios on display at Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio

An exhibition of Cohn-Stone hand blown glass pumpkins at Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio

Mini Pumpkin 5" width
Small Pumpkin 6" - 7" width
Large Pumpkin 9" - 11" width
Giant Pumpkin 14" width
Mini Squash 7" height
Small Squash 11" height

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