glass flowers

“The garden is different every day and so is the glass. The morning light streaming through a flower petal is simply inspirational. The Glass Flowers are homage to the radiance of the Natural world.”

Molly translates her passion for gardening and glass blowing into one-of-a-kind, museum quality hand blown glass flowers. Often displayed as indoor sculpture, these hand blown glass flowers can also “float” on water or be nestled among the flowers in the garden — so lifelike they’ve fooled birds and bees. Most are larger than life sizes, many with diameters of 12 inches.

Dahlias, Poppies, and Peonies, Trillium, Sunflowers and Dogwood all bloom in the garden at Cohn-Stone Studios. A walk through the garden in the morning inspires the day’s hot glass artwork — hot glass “lives” like the garden, requiring the same delicate touch and careful nurturing.

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