The Tornado sculptural art glass pieces capture the movement and mystery of molten glass

sculptural glass - hand blown glass art

“Anything is possible with glass. Blowing glass is mesmerizing and alluring but sculpting glass is soul searching”. Spanning the interests and talents of both Michael and Molly, the design spectrum at Cohn-Stone Studios is broad — glass as a material, life’s observations to inspire, technical mastery and creativity. The movement, reflection, and transparency of glass all lure the imagination into fantastic and uncharted directions.

Tornado Series pieces are hand blown glass — the inside surface is lined with 24k gold leaf and the outside is a softly etched crystal glass. During the glass blowing process, hot bits of glass are frozen in motion as the glass cools. These sculptural art glass pieces capture the movement and mystery of molten glass. Both interior and exterior intensify the surrounding light creating a radiance of unusual elegance and warmth.

Nest with Golden Eggs are sculpted art glass pieces formed in mid air as the molten glass cools and solidifies while in motion. Exciting to make — alive with movement forever. The eggs are blown glass and then covered with 23k gold leaf in the age old leafing process. These are glowing art glass sculptures. A symbol of golden dreams and jobs well done.

Reflecting Bowls glow as if creating their own light source. The thick walled spherical hand blown glass forms are cut and polished on the top surface creating the illusion of a floating inner color shell, utilizing the glass’s inherent qualities of light and optics. The interiors are gilded with, copper or silver and lacquered in the age old leafing process. A warm radiant incandescence creates a meditative work of glass art.

The Eternal Light pieces were inspired by images of the sun taken by the NASA satellite SOHO. These radiant glass art sculptures represent Ner Tamid, “a light that always shines”.

Sweet Potatoes — a playful interpretation of the surprise of harvesting vegetables from the garden. That wild and weird one — we just had to save it!

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